Teacher Place of Origin: Philippines, Location: Philippines Local Time: 11:30 AM


Spoken Languages
English (NATIVE) Japanese (A2) Tagalog (NATIVE)
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Hi! My name is Mel and I'd like to invite you to come learn English with me!

My credentials include:

- 3 years ESL experience (kids and adults)

- Can teach IELTS prep classes

- MBA candidate

- Experienced trainer/coach in various corporations

- Currently enrolled in a TEFL certification course

A sample sentence in a language I teach:

I teach English to learners of all age and levels.

The kind of students I'm looking for:

I am looking for students who try their best to improve their language of choice.

How my background prepares me to teach:

I have trained employees in my past jobs for years. I have also taught English to people of various age, nationalities and skill level. I believe that my style is fun and very informative at the same time.

Teaching methods or materials that I typically use during my lessons:

I typically use English books, but we can also use other other learning tools such as website articles, videos, and music.

Is there anything you should have or should do in advance:

Just come in on time and we are good to go!

Personal Learning Summary

I have been using English for more than 25 years. I consider myself pretty adept in the language, both spoken and written. 


Available Classes

Casual talk made easy
Let's practice introducing ourselves to people. In this lesson, I'll give you tips on how to hold a conversation to people you've just met. We will focus on making small talk fun, painless and informative.

Community Activities

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