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Hello, welcome to the incredibly beautiful world of Russian language, the language of Alexander Pushkin, Fedor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, amongst others! I am a native Russian speaker. I have 20 years of teaching experience, I teach online for 10 years; qualification of Russian language teacher from Moscow State University. I teach business courses, special courses, general course, different formats of classes, workshops, and conversational lessons.

A sample sentence in a language I teach:

Здравствуйте! Добро пожаловать в прекрасный мир русского языка. На этом языке говорили и писали Александр Пушкин, Фёдор Достоевский, Лев Толстой и другие известные писатели и поэты.

The kind of students I'm looking for:

Everyone welcome to my lessons

How my background prepares me to teach:

Pedagogic degree, Belgorod State University, 1999; Certificate"Teach Russian language for foreigners", Moscow State University, 2012

Teaching methods or materials that I typically use during my lessons:

Students books in the PDF files, YouTube videos, material for the small talk, grammar material etc

Is there anything you should have or should do in advance:

Ill send the lesson material before the lesson

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Available Classes
Business Russian Russian
We will learn a formal conversations,business proposal,how to made a business letters etc Package Available
General Russian Russian
We will work with the pronunciation, grammar, we will read,made dialogs etc Package Available
Other types of lessons on request Russian
Other types of lessons on request Package Available
Russian for Tourism Industry Russian
The course covers the most frequent situations in a hotels/resorts. Package Available
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Большое спасибо!

Victoria - Пожалуйста, мне было очень приятно общаться с тобой.

Language Russian
Reviewed Sep 18, 2019
Hourly rate starting from

$11.00 USD

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$2.00 USD

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