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Review on the book "With The Fire On High"

Do you like to cook? Would you like to go to college? Do you want to keep the child? If we do what about money? It’s all about the money. This is what Emoni had to think about during her sophomore year in high school and for the rest of her life. I read the book “With The Fire On High” by: Elizabeth Acevedo.
Emoni Santiago is the teen mom of two year old Emma (Baby girl is what she calls her).Emoni got pregnant as a sophomore in high school.She gets help from her abuela, who raised Emoni herself.Emma’s father is in the picture taking Emma away during weekend visitations but mostly it’s Emoni, Emoni and abuela struggle to make ends meet. Emoni is also a high school senior with a decision to make about her future. Should she go to college in order to become a chef, with all the financial implications.
Emoni loves food and her pleasure and delight when cooking.Her knowledge about food are nearly as magical as her food is described to be. Her love for cooking, for creating dishes shine throughout the book.
The way Acevedo wrote the book was very interesting to me she would write about what was happening now and then go back into what happened in the character's past. The past was talked about for all the characters.I think if the author backed up the main character age and went through the book saying everything that would happen to the charters as if it was the present. Which would add more character development.
The illustration of the book on the hard cover was beautiful and very colorful. Every time I read a sentence of her cooking with all her spices I think of a fun colorful meal. For example, “Yet,you know a variety of herb that looks and smells slightly different when outside the region”(Acevedo 290).Much imagery and details in her meals she describes.
The theme of the book seemed to be about self-confidence and proving people wrong/ignoring the negativity. Emoni had heard many people’s opinions so she had to find her own way. She needed to think for herself and think about her and the baby. Throughout the whole book Emoni seemed like she had much confidence in what she was doing the only problems were she let her emotions get the best of her sometimes. She would act out of hand when this happened, for example, “He keeps asking me if I’m coming back to class and if I’m okay,and honestly,I don't know the answers for either of those questions,so it’s easier to keep it light and simple with memes and song lyrics”(Acevedo144). Malachi asked Emoni these questions after she started skipping culinary arts class after Emoni and the teacher had a disagreement.
If I would rate this book I would give the book a 4 out of 5 stars because the details were amazing creating imagery but I feel like the book was very predictable. I knew certain were going to happen so it just made it boring and if there were surprises they would be little surprises nothing major. The authors would be dramatic about the changes so it didn’t make a difference when it was happening so it was boring.



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