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The British protect their language (and it's an opportunity for learners)

I thought it would be easy to find the address provided by the house owner, as far as it was a small town. I had agreed on the terms for my stay through email, but hadn't asked about directions. I left the train station and tried to follow a touristic map (no mobile with internet access those days). It was night and it started raining. Luckly a passer-by had pity, scorting me to the place. Nobody at home. I didn't know what to do, and was almost leaving when I realised an envelope placed in a slot on the door. It was addressed to me with instructions to unlock the two doors. I was delighted because nothing similar would be possible in my own city.
The house - Edwardian architecture - was all mine because it was winter time with little tourism. I spent 3 days there, and wanted to ask the owner to let my luggage stored in the fourth day, during a trip to a neighbouring village.
I called him and said "I have a doubt". Big mistake! He told me off: "Do you have a philosophical issue?". A language lesson followed. Now I'm careful everytime I think of using the word "doubt", which is very common in my own language in ordinary situations. I always think twice and decide to say "I have a question".



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