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I’m a Brazilian Portuguese native speaker and professional language teacher, who is a language enthusiast and loves to learn more about countries and cultures.

I believe language learning is a process that takes time and effort. It results in a better understanding not just of language, but of culture and world view, bringing us closer to one another and enriching our daily and professional lives.

A sample sentence in a language I teach:

Aprender um novo idioma é uma jornada que dura toda a vida, nunca deixamos de aprender.

The kind of students I'm looking for:


How my background prepares me to teach:

I’m a CELTA certified English teacher. I have experience in teaching English online, in the classroom and in immersion events. The CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults - is an internationally recognised certificate by the Cambridge University for teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language with a student-centred approach. The skills learned and practiced in the CELTA training and my professional teaching life are transferable skills that can be used to teach any language.

Teaching methods or materials that I typically use during my lessons:

You’ll have dynamic conversation lessons, which will help you to become an independent and competent speaker. We’ll work to develop the four skills of language learning and communication: reading, writing, speaking and listening. I’ll also teach you expressions and cultural awareness, which will be useful when you travel or interact with natives. In every lesson, you’ll receive a report with discussion notes, mistakes & corrections and what you need to do to progress and never stop learning. Your lessons will focus on your needs and difficulties, plus I will teach you how to develop good language learning habits, which will help you to become an independent learner. If you want to develop your language skills, and learn studying techniques that will help you to progress, book a lesson now and start to develop your language skills in the way that matters to you.

Is there anything you should have or should do in advance:

For your lessons, we will use Google Docs for a more interactive learning experience and record keeping. For this reason, you will need to use a computer or laptop, we'll be unable to interact on the document through a mobile phone or tablet.

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Available Classes
Conversational Portuguese Portuguese
Improve your Portuguese conversational skills! Develop your fluency to communicate effectively in any situation. Note: This is a natural conversation lesson so therefore, materials will not be required or provided. However, you’re welcome to bring other materials that you want to discuss or review. Package Available
Intensive Portuguese Portuguese
Lessons 100% in Portuguese for advanced students who want to improve their pronunciation and fluency. Package Available
Learn Brazilian Portuguese with a Native teacher Portuguese
Acquire cultural awareness and lean idiomatic expressions to help you to communicate better with Portuguese speakers and enjoy your next visit to Brazil. Package Available
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Hourly rate starting from

$10.00 USD

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30 minute trial for

$5.00 USD

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