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Hi! I am Jenny, an online language teacher with more than 8years of teaching experience. I started teaching online since 2014. I have taught more than 150 students, ranging from all ages and professions. If you have ant questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

A sample sentence in a language I teach:

저와 같이 재미있게 한국어를 공부합시다. 和我一起快乐的学习中文吧!

The kind of students I'm looking for:

I am finding students who want to learn Korean and Chinese.

Teaching methods or materials that I typically use during my lessons:

I will provide all of the materials, but if you have your own, you can also send me.

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Hello! Everyone! Welcome to my profile page. I am Jenny and I am very easy-going. Teaching is my passion and I want to share my konwledge to everyone! Hope to see you soon in my class! Thank you~^^

[About me] 

★8+ years teaching experience (Since 2010) 

★Loving teaching 

★Teaching according to students requirement 

★Stable schedule 

★Various materials: For all of levels 


2010-2013 online Korean pronunciation tutoring for volunteer 

2013-2014 Korean academy – Teaching Korean language (Beginner-Intermediate-Advance)

2014-Now Teaching online

Don't hesitate to connect me! I am always here waiting for you!^^


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Korean Pronunciation
Learn Korean pronunciation in 10hours

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