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Hello! I am Mei, and I'm here to offer students a chance to hone their language skills in English and Filipino/Tagalog. My style is always student-customized, which I ensure to be interesting, fun, and fulfilling. Need an IELTS and CELPIP instructor? I'm here for you! ^_^

A sample sentence in a language I teach:

Kumusta po kayo? Ako po si Mei. Nagsimula po akong magturo ng Ingles noong 2009 at nagtuturo din po ako ng wikang Tagalog.

The kind of students I'm looking for:

I welcome students who are in need of an IELTS, TOEFL, or CELPIP instructor. Furthermore, since I have been trained to teach different levels (Beginner to Advance), I look forward to teaching students of different ages, who are eager to improve their English and Tagalog skills.

Teaching methods or materials that I typically use during my lessons:

My teaching technique is diverse and tailored-fit for each of my students based on their needs, personalities, and interests. One thing for sure is that, I always submit a class report after the lesson is complete, so that the student will be able to see their performance in class, review their mistakes, and learn more. Once in awhile, I also give grammar and vocabulary homework, as needed.

Personal Learning Summary

Good day! 

My name is Mei. ^_^

I graduated with a degree in Nursing and worked as a licensed nurse for a few years in the mid 2000's. Like any person, there are several activities I enjoy doing. Some of which are learning new languages, meeting people from any part of the world, traveling with my loved ones, watching movies and animations, playing with my dogs, singing in karaoke rooms, drawing anime, and playing the ukulele.

Being inspired by the English language, I started being an ESL tutor in 2009 and successfully received my TESOL/TEFL certificate in 2010. I started teaching beginner level children, and as time progressed, armed with more knowledge and skills, I began to teach students of all ages and levels (Beginners to Advance). In the year 2013, I started coaching students who are preparing for the IELTS and TOEIC exams. Being a teacher, learning never stops, hence, I've also familiarized myself with CELPIP, PTE, and TOEIC, and have been tutoring them for the past years. 


Available Lessons

Beginner Tagalog
Students who want to learn basic Tagalog and learn grammar and sentence structure will be catered here. Materials and homework will be provided. ^_^ Offer Available
Business English and Job Interview Practice
All the lessons will be dedicated to the students improvement in learning business vocabularies, giving presentations, handling meetings and seminars, etc. Students who also need to practice for an upcoming job interview are welcome here. You will be coached with the common and least common job interview questions in relation to your field.
English Exam Course (IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL, TOEIC)
This course is dedicated to help students prepare for their English proficiency exams. Simulation for speaking tests will be the main focus in class. Students will be asked questions and will be given a feedback after the mock test. In another note, the writing tests can also be given as homework in which the teacher will check offline and return to the students with corrections, comments, and probable score. Questions regarding the corrected essay will be answered during the session. Offer Available
English for You
The course provides the following types of lessons: Article Reading and Discussion, Free Talking, and Travel English. Offer Available
Grammar for All
This is structured lessons that center in grammar building. Teacher will provide the necessary materials for the student's class. Grammar books from Beginner, Intermediate, to Advance levels are available, and share to students for free. Offer Available
Tagalog Convo
Students who want to polish their Tagalog skills and need somebody to talk with will be the main focus in this course. Random topics of interest are welcome. Let's have fun! ^_^ Offer Available

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Maraming salamat!

Language Tagalog
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Reviewed Jan 09, 2019

Overall Rating

Maraming salamat!

Language Tagalog
Lessons Taken 2
Reviewed Nov 07, 2018