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Well, I'm new to this site, I'm looking for other people's experience to build a good strategy in my English studies. First of all, I'm still at the basic level.

Would you like to know how I can learn to read and write in this language, watch cartoons without subtitles, read at least one text with audio a day, see everyday phrases and speak to natives would be a good strategy?

Thanks in advance for the answer.

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Maybe try these 2 apps: memrise and lingvist. I used them on my computer for free.  

Memrise courses by memrise have audio and are free (they also have courses by other users).

Lingvist is free only for 14 days and works by lot of 50 cards, don't hesitate to do more if you have the time and energy,

That should help with "see everyday phrases".

Read texts with audio. No need to do it everyday but try to do it as often as possible.

Do you like cartoons ? I recommend watching something you like. Whatever it is watch and rewatch it many times with and without subtitles (one time Portuguese then English or no subtitles). Listen without the pictures if there is no dialogue for too long you should probably watch other shows or other episodes.

Don't speak to natives. Listen to youtubers, to podcasts. Read texts with no audio.

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Welcome to the forum Daira! 

I think a good place to start is taking notice of the vocabulary and language structures you should prioritize as a beginner. What will you use the most? What phrases are the most useful? Which topics resonate more with your personal life? This is a video that tackles this kind of problem very well, I am very fond of this guy:


Also, try building a schedule. In your case, you can start by learning a bit of vocabulary for 20 min for example, then reading 30 min, and then writing a short text. That's just an example, do what is best for you. I also made a post on "writing habits", feel free to check it out as it may be useful to you: https://languagetools.io/forum/pp/11862

Try having a look to "write and correct" and the "reading tool", I trust they will be very useful for your current objectives with reading and writing.

Lastly, I will share my personal experience with learning German. I started with high school classes. I do think a teacher can be very helpful when starting, but not essential. Since starting the B1 level, I also acquire a lot of knowledge with podcasts and videos (in a format that is strongly adapted to language learning, try looking up "easy languages" on youtube). I find flashcards to be useful, but I would advise learning vocabulary through context, it gives you way more information about the vocabulary you are learning. I would strongly recommend that you indeed immerse yourself as much as possible by watching cartoons or reading. However, make sure the content you are absorbing is appropriate to your level. Otherwise, you can get frustrated easily and will not learn as well as you could. 

Best of luck and have fun! 

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First of all, your writing is very flawless!

In my case, I studied English by watching American drama or series and practice those sentences or quotes from the movie.

I also tried to listen ABC News or CNN news to get used to listening English

I sometimes take notes about sentences that I would like to memorize

But the best method is to make native English speaker friends!

While communicating with them and get your English skills developed are the best scenario for learning English!