What funny/annoying/interesting features have you found in your target language?

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For me, thinking or complaining about these little details is a lot of fun, for example:

There's no word for "girlfriend/boyfriend" in German. They call them "friend" ("Freund"), and whether you are talking about one or another, is inferred through context. I think it is cute but also inconvenient. I had a lot of German people thinking my best friend was actually my boyfriend because we weren't that fluent and couldn't explain properly. 

I wouldn't joke about that issue so much if I wasn't talking about the same language that has the word Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung. If they have a word that long for "automobile insurance", I want to be able to call my special other lol.

They also say "two coffee" instead of "two coffees" and that's also cute.

Does your target language have funny phrases or idioms?

Language shapes our view of the world.