I'm having difficulty with all the different phrases with the same meaning

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Like all other language learners, I'm trying my best to memorize all the basics of the Russian language and try to use them in some phrases when practicing. It just dawned on me that one of the many reasons why I'm having a hard time is because of the formal and informal versions of their common phrases as well as the different versions of it. For example, when you look for the translation of the phrase "I'm sorry" in Russian, you'll find that there are different versions found everywhere online. Some youtuber says it's "izvinitye" while some websites will say that this phrase means "Excuse me". And now I've learned that it can also be said as "izvini" without the ending "tye" and will still have the same meaning. The more I learn, the more I realize how harder my learning is going to be and I won't give up until I learn them all.

"Не волнуйтесь"