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Letter of information

Dear AB
This is Advocate John from Paris. I’m writing to you pertaining to your employee Mr x, who used to be my client. Before joining to your company he used to work for a company called ‘xyz’ who has illegally terminated him without any prior Notice and without any cogent reason, and also withhold his salary for the months. Hence, for the reason stated above I have initiated legal action against him thereafter they have entered into amicable settlement with my client and released his salary and resolved it.
Now Mr X informed me that they have once again come up with another mischievous act to harass him alleging that, he has employed his family members to the previous company which is totally false and baseless. There is no family members living in paris. I have perused his documents and he has worked there sincerely and had given best performance to their company. Inspite of that they have unlawfully terminated him without any salary in lieu.
Hence, you can clearly judge the conduct of the company and their act and, not to rely on the information shared by them to make any adverse decision.



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