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The changing role of museums

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a significant change in museums. In the past, they did not use to be as accessible to the general public and entertainment-oriented as they currently are. Although this may sound like a change for the best, there are two sides to every question, and the changes in the role of the museums are not any different.

From one perspective, the inclusion of new technology and more interactive exhibitions has entailed an undeniable improvement over the past boring and highbrow ones. Without a shadow of a doubt, this has brought to life the inert and lengthy texts that most often accompany the pieces being displayed. Moreover, it has managed to enlarge the age range that can access and can understand the content being exhibited.

From an opposite perspective, these changes allegedly defeat the main purpose of museums, that is, learning incitement. As some may see it, the inclusion of new technology has undermined the complexity of the content presented. As a result, the information is simplified, albeit rather incomplete.

While nobody can deny that museums are increasingly prioritizing entertainment over content, it is questionably a problem It is clear that if we aim at inciting learning, motivation should be an important focus on designing the learning process. In a world in which we have virtually all the information and answer at our fingertips, museums should merely start the ball rolling, arise an appetite for knowledge that can conveniently be fulfilled from the comfort of our home.

On the whole, even though the content presented in museums is not as comprehensive and detailed as in the past, their mission is fully accomplished.



Not a correction, but a suggestion. "As a result, the information is simplified, albeit rather incomplete" this may be a stylistic choice, but the 'albiet' here seems a bit redundant. One can assume that with the tone of the article and the use of the word 'simplification' that we the readers can infer the incompleteness of the information provided.


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