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Summer in Brazil

Summer festivities play an important role in Brazilian culture. I remember my feelings when I was a child, and then a teenager: the beginning of December was already a time to get anxious for the beach, which meant meeting old friends, telling stories about the school year, refalling in love for some cute guy, buying beachwear, sunbathing, surfing (trying to), being close to water.
Then New Year party, wearing white, eating corresponding foods, opening champagne, watching fireworks and "jumping 7 waves" while meditating about the new cycle. Then expectation for Carnival. Watching the samba culture preparations, deciding on what destiny to pick, what costume.
You may be thinking the country stopped for all of that... it's a little bit true, but not entirelly, we addapted to that rhythm, it's just a rhythm. Unexplainable. You have to live it.



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