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Saying no

We are constantly exposed to the idea of developing as human beings. It's everywhere in the media, in conversations, in the arts, in Human Resources departments. People take up coaching, psycological help, alternative therapies. I'm just another one struggling against my comfort zone and anguishes.
What amazes me is that people around you often get very upset when you show some progress in those attempts!
They cheer you up when you TALK about achievements, but hate it when you show them. I guess it's "human nature": you refuse to deal with unfamiliar situations, specially when it's related to some friend's personality and habits.
I've been given a hard time by some close friends and acquaintances everytime I behave differently, mostly in situations I used to say yes and to which now I say no. I feel that I have to insist on the refusal which, in my opinion, is a bit unpolite on their part. Sometimes I even think they're conspiring against my personal development, because I have to explain it over and over...
Now I gave up explaining, and I see some of them getting overly sensitive about it, like I was a bad friend, or I didn't appreciate them anymore. Good times to stand up for yourself!



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