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My stray dogs

I live with three of them and they teach me about patience, self-care and love every single day.
I met Pancho 14 years ago in an adoption shelter. I started playing with him while he was inside a cage and, when it was opened, he jumped onto my lap. I'm used to saying he's a zen dog because everything is always ok for him.
Pretinho was found 7 years ago, at São Paulo's airport international arrival gate. I was there wainting to meet my husband from a trip when I saw the scared half-cocker wandering around. When Victor met me, the dog was already on my lap. He's my traumatized guy, agressive with other animals, but so sweet with people.
I came up with Poli in a rainy day, leaving a student's apartment building, 4 years ago. She was a tiny thing, running and playful, next to a busy avenue. I picked her up so she wouldn't die, having on my mind 3 dogs would be too much, but it was impossible to give her up because she got really mad every time someone approached me. She's my little jealous devil, my best bed companion. Such a personality! Sometimes I think she's going to say something!
There was Mambo also, my labrador who died last January after sharing his life with me for 15 years. What can I say? He was a labrador!



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