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I called my mother to say I wouldn't be visiting her this weekend because of a trip to the beach. The first obstacle she raised concerned my dogs: who would take care of them. She followed by asking about the people I was going to travel with, about the one who will be driving, about the conditions of the car, about traveling at night. Then she reminded me the weather forecast is not so good. Then she mentioned the dogs again.
She advised me about not swiming too far in the sea, as well as about not drinking anything people offer.
Dogs once more.
"The beaches are too crowded this time of the year!"
I was patient and just replied I needed to go to the beach. So she came up with the best of the threats: "I saw on TV that the beaches are infested with jellyfish. You know? Those that stick to your skin and burn a lot".
1976. I was born in 1976!
Is it just Latin mothers, or they are all like this?



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