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Just another day

The other day I wrote about what I call "domino days", when you should go back home before other pieces fall in a row, but I seem not to learn the lesson. I've just done it again!
I'm currently facing health conditions which I'm still not able to define. They don't seem to be anything serious, maybe it's just end-of-year stress, but I'm seeing doctors and undergoing tests, anyway. Then there's this one exam, inferior limbs ultrasound, causing trouble.
Firstly it was hard to fix a date because there are few labs covered by my health insurance, and unluckily it's merged with another company just now. I was really upset because I had to come back and forth until I got my rights met.
December 11th was the date. It was pouring, the traffic was jammy so I got there 4 minutes late. The doctor refused to see me because "it would make a mess in his plans". Since my legs were really painful, I decided to go to the closest hospital that evening, but they didn't have an ultrasound machine there and said I had to go to another hospital attending the insurance in a really far district, which I quit because I don't have a car.
Feeling miserable and tired I thought it would be a better idea to try the public health system, and headed to Hospital das Clínicas, the largest hospital in Latin America. They got very angry with me there, saying the place is aimed to really serious conditions. I guess I should be bleeding to get help.
Finally, I gave it a last try by going to a smaller public hospital near my place, but quit one more time when I saw the crowd. I literally went out to spend money in taxis last Wednesday!
I arrived home, took a shower, prepared myself a relaxing foot soak and faced the whole effort as useless. A domino day.



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