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Breaking the foreign language wall

It'll be just a brief comment on learning English in my country, because I understand that most schools and private teachers tend to view language teaching as an objective and positive activity, whereas I see myself with an alternative point of view: it has a lot to do with subjective issues.
Socially, Brazil is still a periferic country, tending to value foreign things as assets, and that comprises language, especially English, which ends up adding difficulties to learning, like it was a huge thing to assume as one's own.
Obviously, I'm not referring to the elites who are really far away from most of the population. Actually, the elites use their closeness to those simbolic assets to diferenciate, to mark class belonging.
This psychological point of view has been proved by experience, when I introduce myself as an English teacher it's like I had super powers and I feel I have to break a wall of anxiety even before starting language class itself. I have to convince students they are liable to be part of it. They get embarrassed, they laugh at each other, tell jokes, have trouble risking.
I think it is a very beautiful work teachers have to perform when mediating in an environment like that.



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